Congregation Bonai Shalom Virtual Food Drive

Donations accepted November 23, 2021–December 31, 2021

Our Goal

$0 of $5,000

Please join our congregation’s effort to fight hunger this season in our community. Every dollar you give will provide not only the gift of food, but the gift of hope for food-insecure children and families. Thank you for your support and gift of Tzedakah.


Price: $5.00

Sweet Potatoes
20 lbs of Sweet Potatoes

Price: $12.00


Price: $10.00

Turkey Dinner

Price: $50.00

Fresh Produce

Price: $25.00

Meat and other protein

Price: $100.00

Brown Rice

Price: $15.00

2% Milk

Price: $20.00

Canned Peas & Pinto Beans

Price: $25.00

Canned Peaches

Price: $40.00

Toasted Oats Cereal

Price: $50.00

Beef Stew

Price: $75.00

General Donation

Enter Donation Amount:

Canned Tuna

Price: $10.00

Juices & Water

Price: $18.00

  • Stretching Your Dollars

    Because of the power of wholesale buying and the multiplying effect of donated food, we are able to turn your $1 donation into more than $2 worth of food!