Team Goal

$290 of $2,000

Minimum donation $5. Feel free to share with relatives and friends! make sure to donate in YOUR NAME, so you can get counted for the class points. Thanks, Peace, Jason

Team Creator

Jason Downing’s Fundraiser

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Help me feed those in need in Boulder by donating to my individual fundraising page!

Team Members

  • Our Donors
    • Keyonne Campbell

    • Maggie Cornelius

    • Sarah Brown

    • Genna Al Zaabi

    • Olivia Fefley

    • Olivia Fefley

    • Alexander Gage

    • Lillian Agnvall

    • Emily Nass

    • Helena Ramirez-Cardenas

    • carter albright

    • Helena Ramirez-Cardenas

    • Anonymous

  • Stretching Your Dollars

    Because of the power of wholesale buying and the multiplying effect of donated food, we are able to turn your $1 donation into more than $2 worth of food!